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  • LimitlessLimitless

    Discover your limitless potential. 
  • RevealReveal

    Create new results in your relationships, health, job and faith. 
  • RespondRespond

    Gain preliminary understanding and experience of Positional Authority and Cultural Authority. 
  • ResolveResolve

    Get fully equipped and able to fully equip other transformational leaders. 
What Clients Say
  • Second to None!

    "I evaluate professional development and organizational and adult learning for a living. This course, both the content and delivery excel past nearly all of the 100's of programs I have observed. The use of experiential learning was perfect."
  • About

    Character Genetics is a character and leadership development company that supports people in living an EPIC life… a life that is Empowered with Purpose through Identity for Cultural transformation. Through experiential workshops, coaching and resources we equip leaders to “be more”.


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